Rebecca J. McFarland Clarinet Studio Policy


I can be reached with questions outside of regularly scheduled lessons most easily by phone (703-763-9406), email (, or on this website. I will be sure to return your emails and calls as promptly as possible. You may reach me by text message, however please understand that I will not answer any method of contact while I am teaching, and that I will return your message as soon as I am able.

Required Materials

  • Clarinet in good working condition
  • Mouthpiece
  • Ligature
  • Silk Swab (not felt!)
  • Pencils with working erasers
  • Minimum of 5 working reeds
  • Reed case/appropriate storage method
    • We will discuss appropriate reed storage methods at the first lesson
  • Tuner and Metronome
    • These may be approved apps on a smartphone/tablet, however the device should be in the primary possession of the student so practice time is not hindered. Physical metronome/tuner devices will most likely be the best option for focused practice.
  • Lesson notebook
    • A notebook will be provided at the first lesson- if lost, no replacements will be furnished.
  • Lesson binder (not provided)
  • Assigned lesson music, school music, audition materials, etc.
  • Cork Grease
  • Any other materials requested by teacher

Please consult with me before purchasing any new materials (ex: mouthpieces, ligatures, metronomes, tuners, clarinets, music, etcetera). I can guide you to the best, budget-conscious choices that will also serve the student appropriately. For reeds I recommend Vandoren Traditional (blue box), Vandoren V12 (grey box), Rico Reserve Classic (purple box), Gonzalez F.O.F. (blue box), or Gonzalez GD (grey box). I can help you choose the appropriate number or strength. You may purchase reeds directly from me by personal check or cash (depending on what I have in stock in the studio).


I expect every student to arrive to their lesson well practiced in their assignments for the week, and with all of their necessary lesson materials. If a student continually fails to meet this requirement, I will hold a parent-teacher conference to discuss the student’s continued tutelage in my studio. I expect all students to treat our time together with respect, which entails the following: musical preparation, a good attitude, and willingness to grow as a clarinetist, musician, and person. I reserve the right to terminate lessons effective immediately in the event that a student does not follow these expectations. 


  • If you must cancel your lesson please give me at least 24 hours’ notice. If my schedule permits, I will hold make up lessons within a one month period. If a make up lesson can not be arranged within the one month period, the lesson will not be made up and will not be refunded.
  • Should you give me less than the required notice, the absence will be considered unexcused, and you will still be required to pay for the lesson. Of course, if you are sick or if there is an unforeseen emergency, your absence will be excused. You will not be charged for excused absences.
  • Absence due to scheduling conflicts such as band concerts, or vacations should be prearranged. I will provide a “studio swap list” upon request so that lesson times can be traded between students in the event of a one time conflict. If you choose to swap lessons with another student, I expect an email at least 48 hours in advance with all parties copied on the email.
  • I reserve the right to cancel lessons at any time, however I will always make an effort to reschedule canceled lessons and I will always give you advance notice if possible. I reserve the right to have a qualified substitute cover lessons if necessary.

Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of a snow day or any other inclement weather, please be advised that lessons are not immediately canceled if Loudoun County or Fairfax County Public Schools are closed for the day. I will send an email to all families by 12:00 PM regarding lessons if the weather forecast is looking unsuitable for travel. Make up lessons will be scheduled as soon as possible depending on weather conditions and my availability.


Payment is due at each lesson by personal check (made out to Rebecca Johnson). If you prefer a bi-weekly or monthly payment system then you must pre-pay for each set of lessons. We can work out a mutually agreeable system if this is your preference.


30, 45, and 60 minute lessons are available. Please arrive early to unpack so we can use your full lesson time to the greatest advantage.

  • 30 Minute Lessons:    $35
  • 45 Minute Lessons:    $50
  • 60 Minute Lessons:    $65

Photo/Media Release

I want to respect the privacy of all of my students and their families, therefore please inform me if you will or will not allow photo/video/audio of your child to be used on the studio website and/or Facebook page. Please note that I will not use last names in any captions. You have the right to change your preference in this matter at any time. Please notify me immediately in the event that you no longer want media including your child on these sites and I will remove it as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you for your interest in clarinet lessons, I look forward to a rewarding musical experience together.